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Customer Support System - CSS


The system comprises a computer center for supplementary information and workstations - allowing the customers to access the information system.

Functional characteristics:

The system provides additional information to the customers/citizens on the activities of operation of the service/department, as well as about the aspect and the form of the documents needed for official applications, illustrations of various procedures, and particular information. Furthermore it allows the receipt of general queries and demands and their triage and redirection to the appropriate specific services/departments. The system also provides indications on the location of given departments or services, along with telephone numbers for inquiries, working hours and other additional information

Technical characteristics of the system:

The Center encompasses a computer and communication system that ensures diversified access from the offices through workstations, from home through personal computers by direct calls, or through the global Internet. Public access workstations are robust devices located in official premises - usually lobbies or halls. They offer extremely simple access through dialogue and selection made using a specific input device (joy-stick). Program support is multilingual and it provides information in all the languages spoken in a given country as well as in several main international languages.

System exploitation:

The system primarily provides all the necessary information about the work of the departments or services. The user stands before workstation built into a stand. Using the joy-stick and following the instructions he navigates through the query system which leads him directly to the information he requires. In some cases he is required to enter personal data using a virtual keyboard appearing on the screen.