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eWallet is an electronic wallet that receives payments, and from which payments are made.:

eWallet can be accessed via the eWallet portal:


E-Wallet PORTAL - begins with the registration of users, learn about potential services, surveys, access to user instructions, FAQ, contact the technical support, the commercial sector ...

It also provides an insight into all the ways you can supplement your e-Wallet, starting from the payment terminal, through amendments over mPOS at newsstands and other retail outlets, complement the bank, supplement with other e-wallet, bank card amendment, supplement through lots of photos, a supplement is mails and bank machines.

The portal can also approach your e-wallet and to review your transactions, see the status of your e-wallet, edit information about themselves and provide alarm state change of the way of e-mail or sms, and prepare invoices for rapid or automatic payment

In addition to this are possible and paying with e-wallet via mobile, pay at payment terminals, payment and purchase of Web-shop stores that have a partnership with e-wallet system, the transfer of funds to another e-wallet, funds transfer e-mail, funds transfer sms, withdraw cash in foreign exchange, cash at bank and on bank ATM terminals and use of credit cards related to the e-wallet


eWallet Monitoring