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iBox - Traffic Shaper router



iBox Package content

  • Basic modul based on Alix motherboard.
  • 220V AC to DC Adapter
  • IBox CD with user manual
  • Compact flash with full software support

iBox router(s)

Ibox is single or dual redundant wan router dedicated to network traffic menagement . Network traffic is routed in compliance with user defined rules. With Ibox you can create complex Public and Private networks, with or without data data flow control.In his basic use IBox Router is designed to connect up to 2 or 3 separate network connections with possible expansions.On Ibox-Traffic Shaper Router you can connect any combination of wired and wireless lines. It's possible to add functionalities of Wireless Router, Access Point, HotSpot etc. to IBox Router via miniPCI wireless card.

How to connect iBox

One side connects to local LAN and the other to two separate Internet links.

Picture 1. Schematic of IBox connections

In case of one Internet links breakdown all your internet and VPN traffic IBox Router will automaticly rerouted it to second internet link.With IBox data flow control you can sanction unwanted traffic or stimulate important traffic.

iBox Benefits

With the decision to purchase IBox you will be able to define your network traffic according to needs and terms that are established in your company and its subsidaries.

With the help of the User Manual that comes on IBox CD, you will be able to performe all the necessary settings by yourself with ease.

The price of IBox is considerably smaller than any other productct you can find on the market and does not need specially trained system adminitrator. IBox provides reliable VPN connections (VPN connections give you secure and encrypted lines of communication).

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