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Information System for Sports Arenas



  • Administration of the scoreboard system (computer control, access through a computer network) - benefits: the option to display information on the scoreboard arriving from different locations and functional blocks.
  • Ticket reservation and automatic ticket sale - benefit: improvement of the collection service.
  • Monitoring of competitions and other sports events (records on scores, date of game, competition type, electronic stopwatch...) - benefit: integration of information and accessibility to numerous users.
  • Registration of athletes and other team personnel (records on athletes, team staff, club members, and other persons involved...) - benefit: greater security and regularity of sports matches, elimination of the human-error factor, automatic issuing of passes.
  • Notification system - information (information desk based on the complete information system and all its subsystems) - benefit: timely, comprehensive and exact information provided to all participants in the matches and to all the sports arena users and visitors.
  • Subsystem for scheduling matches (and all the other activities of the sports center) - benefit: efficient and complete usage of all the resources of a sports facility.
  • Press center support.
  • Accreditation of reporters (work monitoring, release of press passes, reservations, ancillary activities).
  • Press informer (a review of information from the information system of interest for the reporters) - benefit: a comfortable system for covering and reporting about sports events.
  • Program support to the communication center (land and satellite system combined with the computer system allowing the coordination and cooperation of all those involved in the organization and reporting on sports events) - benefit: electronic mail, direct digital broadcast of events, reports from the matches.
  • Marketing center - WEB presentation of the potentials and sports schedule of the arena, fax/e-mail system for automatic notification and active advertisements.
  • Professional support - technological exchange with foreign sports centers.

Characteristics of the Technical Solution:

  • Modern technical solution based on internet/intranet technology, the WEB and on relation model. A distributed information system is portable and offers connectivity with the leading world technologies.
  • An expandable system that can be reconfigured (by simply adding new computers).
  • Selected and state-of-the-art communication and computer components. The system is harmonized with the contemporary technical solutions in this domain.